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Dressing Up is More Than What you Wear

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Dressing up is more than what you wear; it is about your attitude, knowing your environment and knowing the unwritten rules of different social situations. Additionally, aims to promote wardrobe creativity, while minimizing financial barriers and still looking professional. This is done through the incorporation of items that were obtained by “thrifting”.


The goal of is to provide a “one-stop-shop” to equip high school students and young professionals with the basic knowledge needed to

excel in common career environments

and social situations. 

Culture shock


A surprised emotion experienced by a person who is exposed to a NEW or


Featured Blog Post:

How Will I Fix it if I Don't Know It's Broken?

Bruce Jones, Co-Founder


Meet The Team




Gabrielle is a young professional in Columbus, Ohio. As well as being the founder of, she is the author of the website’s blog. Gabrielle is a native of Toledo, Ohio, holds a BA in Music from The University of Toledo and a Master’s Degree in Education from University of Dayton. As a licensed school counselor, she created this website to be a resource to others so that they can be their “best self” in any situation and goes by the saying that “Dressing up is more than what you wear!” You may dress the part but you have to carry the proper attitude to match.




Bruce is a young professional in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has a Master's in Urban Planning from Eastern Michigan University and a Bachelor's Degree from The Ohio State University in Sociology and is a native of Columbus, OH. He is the Co-Author of the website's blog. He loves to be involved with because he believes that every young man should have basic social knowledge, like how to tie a tie. 




Katherine is a graduate of OSU's Moritz College of Law. She is a Co-Founder of as well as consultant on the website’s blog. She is a native of the Cleveland, OH area and earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University. She is excited to work with this website because she thinks it is important to give back knowledge that was given to her.


Graphic Designer/Photographer



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