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The Clothes Don't Make the Man but They Can Make All the Difference

I'm sure that most of us are familiar with the phrases "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have" and "Dress for Success" but what does that really mean?

Personally, I feel better and more productive when I am wearing clohes that are not sweats and a t-shirt. I feel like I am telling the world that I have things to do and reminding myself of that everytime I look in the mirror.

I have a childhood friend who I saw transform his wardrobe and his self-image over a few years in college. My friend Justin is someone who the world would consider "successful." He is working in a career field and city that he loves (& is what he went to college for). He has stable relationships with others and God.

In the days of undergrad, I can remember everyone asking him why he felt the need to wear a suit to class everyday. We almost laughed when we met with him for lunch and he was dressed like he had just left a meeting with the President of the United States.

A few weeks ago, I asked Justin what made him dress like that and how did he think it affected him in his education and career. He simply told me "G, it made me feel like I could stand in a room with anyone, for any occasion, and hold my own."

I am not saying that the only thing that matters is how a person dresses, but I do think it helps a person feel more confident and therefore interact with others in that manner. Justin dressed the part until he "made it" but he had the positive attitude and drive to go along with it.

Go chase your dreams! Dressing up is more than what you wear, it's your attitude!

Peace & Love


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