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Where Do I Draw the Line?

In today's culture, self expression through clothing is celebrated. So where do we draw the line? Is it always a good idea to express your style in the same way in every environment?

I have no answer to this but I do pose the question "how much is too much?"

I currently work high school and business casual environments, which I love. It is great to be able to have a range of space to dress from jeans and a t-shirt to khakis and a polo to a pencil skirt and blouse, it is pretty much up to me.

When I first got the job a few years ago, I went crazy at places like NY&Co. and H&M. My life as a young professional had begun and I was going to look the part.

I was ready to walk into the building with my suit jackets and pumps and own it!

Until I quickly realized that no one else was walking around in a suit and they definitely weren't walking around in 4 inch heels.

I went from feeling like a "real adult" to looking like I was the young girl who tried too hard at her first "real" job.

I encountered the same realizations from some of my male counterparts who not only stood out like a sore thumb in the high school with a full suit on but they said the kids did not seem to relate to them until they took on the more casual dress of the rest of the faculty.

I have been able to find the middle ground though it is a struggle. I have clothing interests of Fashion Week in Paris but career interests in public school education and let me say, the two do not mix.

So maybe I change out my 4inch heel for a flat (and return to the pump after hours). But I do my best work when I am "dressed to impress" so I will never be able to let the blazers and heels go completely.

Either way, find out how to express your personal style in your particular work environment and as we say in church "govern yourself accordingly"! lol

Ready, Set, Go!


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