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Happy Birthday 2 Us!

I can't believe that it's been 2yrs since we had the first meeting of "" At the time it was just a vague idea that had no clear direction. Myself and two other young professionals met with some DeVry students and the rest is history!

Year 1: A small team of us met and discussed how we could make learning abour career and basic etiquette interesting for young people. What did they need to know? What resources did they need to be successful? Do the students read blogs? Will they visit a website? That first year was filled with ups and downs and after many months, the outline and initial introduction to "thecultureshock" had been made.

Year 2: Through a number of changes in both personnel (Hey Bruce!) and vision, "" came to life with an awesome launch party at a local Columbus Salon/Artspace (Girl and Guy Republic). As the founder, I have been able to give presentations to high school & college students alike. Then my vision became blurry and clear at the same time. In a trip to Argentina, God gave me the vision to expand "" to be more than just a website that brings existing resources to one place. I am tasked with taking the information myself and others have learned, and give it to the students in person through presentations, workshops and real-life cultural experiences.

So stay tuned we are just getting started! "" will impact the lives of young people and we can't wait!

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Peace & Love,


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