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We Need to Talk: How to Quit With Some Dignity

I recently transitioned from a job where I worked for 4 years to explore a new career path. I have had many jobs over the past 12 years, but it never gets easier to leave one for another.

I remember my first job in high school. Fast food wasn't glamorous but it was a great feeling to be able to pay my phone bill & put gas in my car. Now the bills have multiplied and the car has changed but I still take the same sense of pride in my work that I did back then.

In this blog post, I want to share some tips & advice that I have learned through my own journey.

Question: How do you tell your job you're leaving?

Tip: I have always written a formal letter of resignation (ok maybe not when I left Subway in high school, I think I just talked to my manager) after a conversation with my boss. **Make sure you talk to your boss/supervisor BEFORE you tell your friends or post on social media!

Here's a link from Northeastern University to show you how:

*This can be printed or sent via email.

Question: I work at the mall, do I really have to give 2 weeks notice?

Tip: If possible, yes. Even when I worked retail in the mall during college, I always gave/give a 2 week notice. 1) Because I wanted to be considerate of the people who still had to work there. 2) I wanted to practice being a young professional & not burn any bridges ....because I ended up having to go back to that job.....TWICE!

*This would be the time to use the letter of resignation

Question: Is it wrong to quit & then ask for a reference?

Tip: No, thats the importance of leaving a job on good terms. I haven't always left a job with a written reference but I have made it a point to always ask someone from my previous position if they would be willing to write one or give a verbal reference when needed & they have always said "yes!"

Building relationships is SO important because #1 you want your work to speak for you (in a good way) and #2 You're new job will call your old job!

Question: Can I re-apply to a job that I previously left?

Tip: I think it depends on the situation. But as I previously mentioned, I had to go back to my retail job 2 times! They welcomed me back with open arms because we had built a relationship (and possibly because I was a broke college student).

No matter what, remember the Golden Rule: "Treat people the way you want to be treated." & try to leave every job as peacefully & professionally as possible.

Peace & Love,


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