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YP Summer Spotlight: Q.Gibson

This summer our website will be featuring young professionals who are making a difference and inspiring others along the way.

Today I had the privilege of speaking with writer, super mom and all around great person, Q. Gibson. She's young, she's passionate and she's empowering women! Check out her story!


Name: Q. Gibson

Age: 27

How long have you been writing?

5 years

What's the Motivation Behind Your Mission?

I write for women and the universal connection.

Some people say I’m a self-care writer.

I from experiences of being a woman.

What's One thing You Wish Someone Would’ve Told You as You Entered the Professional World? I would say, it's not something I wish someone would've told me but something I wish I would’ve learned, is time management because being a writer and working full time I feel like you have to be able to manage your time to get things done.

I know creative people who I know do great work but just because they don't have a business mindset, it never goes anywhere.

I think being organized and disciplined is something I've had to learn as I go.

What are your strengths? (I ask this question to my students all the time)

Umm, writing (of course), inspiring others and putting myself in positions where I am able to empower women.

What obstacles have you overcome to get to this point? Self-doubt. Starting out, posting my writing on social media was kind of scary. I was writing but I wasn't calling myself a writer.

I put my book out not for recognition but because it was something I wanted to do. And being able to claim my space as a writer and reach out to do different things.

Any advice for young professionals? 1) Do something that you absolutely love or else you’re going to be drained.

2) Find something that you’re passionate about and go for it!

3) Don’t overwork yourself, balance is key!

How can you be reached? ig:@q.gibson twitter:@qgibson

You can purchase The Flowering Woman (2/2016)

The Sweetness in Soil(11/2016)


Sunday Sugar (5/2017)


"Maybe the greatest service of all is to be a soul walking so heavily in your purpose that even your crumbling makes the world feel as if it can never be whole." -Q. Gibson

Peace & Love,


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