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Power On!

It was an honor to talk to #GirlBoss Ms. Camille M. Francis as she takes us into her world of service, business, and the empowerment of young people!


Name: Camille M. Francis

Role: Founder & CEO, Chameleon Entertainment

Tell us about Chameleon Entertainment

Chameleon Entertainment was founded in 2007.

Chameleon Entertainment is a promotions company where we do event planning for non-profit organizations to help them raise funds for some of the causes they have, our premise & focus is to "transform lives." We connect with a variety of companies from all over. Currently, we are working with a few in Columbus, Akron, Cleveland, Atlanta and Florida.

I pride myself in my company because we connect with organizations to help their cause and help them get exposure with small or large events. We also do motivational speaking & enrichment in the classroom. It just so happened that I was able to connect with a few companies that were passionate about education!

What are some of the events you work with non-profits on?

Well, one of the events we partner on with iNEducation is "Battle of the Teal for Education". It showcases youth talent whether this talent be singing , dancing, karate, acting, artwork showcases, and so much more, the students have the opportunity to win scholarship money for their college education! Because of my 10+ year relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, they were one of the 3 year sponsors for the event!

Cavs also supported other programs we work with like LifeSmart Education giving them grant dollars to enhance technology in classroom and also through their company,"LifeBridge Mentorship Program", where students were able to experience an NBA game watching the Cavaliers.

Our main focus is marketing & events for these non-profits but we have other facets as well.

What is the PowerON Movement?

The PowerON movement is an exciting thing! In order for you to be the best you that you can be, you have to turn on your inside power. For me, that power comes from my God-given abilities.

Find something that you can tap into to make sure that you're going after goals and planning correctly and doing everything that you need to do to take your life to a new level and higher height. It's just simply, getting up everyday and saying "I have the power to do anything that I put my mind to".

What's the Motivation Behind Your Mission?

I think about myself when I was younger and I was trying to get out there and do things and I was real shy and I didn't really do as much as I wanted to do, but someone (at the Boys & Girls Club) took the time to believe in me. We (the other kids and I ) used our gifts!

We threw events to raise money to be able to go to different outings. I started promoting and developing events at the age of 15, I think. Me and some friends of mine would create & market big shows and invite the parents and the neighborhood, we raised the money we needed and people still talk about those plays and events!

Being a chameleon is the ability to adapt!

I love being able to do all types of events from Gospel Concerts to conferences & banquets, fashion shows, motivational speaking. It's naturally who I am!

What's one thing that you wish someone would've told you before you entered the world of a young professional?

I wish somebody would've told me to not worry about what other people are doing & to run my own race. We all have gifts and we all will make it to the finish line at the right time. I spent a lot of time being stuck because I was worrying about other people.

3 Tips for Young Professionals

1) Don't Quit

2) Believe In Yourself

3) "Power On, Change Your Life, Life Your Dreams"

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