Reclaiming My Time!

August 25, 2017


Sometimes reclaiming your time is the best thing you can do for you! In this post, our co-founder, Bruce Jones, offers a few tips on how he best manages his time.

Admittedly, one of my weaknesses comes down to time management, something I’m continuously working to improve upon in both my professional and personal life. While I try to live outside of a set schedule or routine, I quickly learned that time management is an effective way to ensure that my life has balance. Before I operated with the mindset of “I don’t have time for that,” but it took evaluating my monthly budget with a financial advisor to notice that a lot of things are possible with a little discipline. In essence I began the process of reclaiming my time.


The main goal with my budget is to make sure my money is put to good use. With that in mind, I began implementing a series of techniques to try to make sure my time is put to good use as well.


Writing out everything I want to accomplish

One task my advisor made me do was list every bill that needs to be paid for the month, along with identifying things I wanted to save for. Similar to this, but not as extreme, I began to list things I needed, and wanted to accomplish for a specific time period (i.e. update my resume or work on my fitness goals).


Making sure my priorities are handled

Same as making sure all of my financial obligations are taken care of, it was extremely important for me to accomplish everything I needed to handle. Whether it is meeting that work deadline or making sure I buy food for the house, setting aside enough time to handle the priorities in my life has helped me avoid the stress that comes along with procrastination.


Identifying things I can cut back on

For me things like social media and television were major time consuming culprits. While I haven’t completely eliminated them from my life, I’ve began doing things such as signing out of my accounts altogether to discourage perusing through my timelines, eliminating the apps from my phone, and limiting my television time to a few hours a day (although I am guilty of the occasional binge watch every now and then).


Making sure it works for me

Finding times that work best for my schedule has also helped tremendously. For instance, since I’m a morning person and like to relax in the evenings, I like to schedule in a 5 a.m. workout. I’m already up and active, so why not make that time as productive as possible, accomplish a goal, and save the time in the evening for a more relaxing activity.


Scheduling time in for things I want

This is where the savings come in. It’s extremely important to set aside time to do something you love. Work on your personal goals, enjoy time with loved ones, travel to that place you love – you’ve earned the right to splurge a little every now and then.

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